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A Few Words About 

Apostle Monique

Restoration 4 U 2 Ministries, Inc. was birthed from an encounter that Apostle Monique had while working at a Drug & Crisis Rehabilitation Center back in 1999. During her time working at this facility she came across normal everyday people that had been beaten down by life and were all out of hope. Most were headed down a path of self-destruction, indulging in drugs and alcohol, resulting in overdoses, suicidal attempts and mental breakdowns. As she sat and listened to the horrific stories of their lives she began to minister and pray for them daily.

Unfortunately, her methods were not welcomed nor tolerated at the facility and she was given multiple warnings to discontinue her approach. Sadly, like a revolving door with no hope the people left but continued to come back unchanged. Apostle Monique realized that these people were hurting and crying out for help, because they were receiving treatment to numb the pain, but they weren't getting to the root of their problems to bring about true healing & deliverance.

This grieved Apostle Monique to a degree that the Holy Spirit spoke to her and charged her to GO FORTH and bring RESTORATION TO THE LIVES OF MY PEOPLE, AND STOP THEIR PAIN AND BRING THEM TO THE LORD.

It was then that Apostle Monique went forth in her commission from the Lord Jesus Christ to bring about restoration into the lives of the lost souls that society had given up on. Since then, she has been uprooting & destroying strongholds that have been a hinderance in the lives of God’s people for the past 15 years.

Apostle Monique is a living witness of the extraordinary healing power of God and His unconditional love that can draw anyone out of the darkness into His GLORIOUS LIGHT.  

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