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Restoration has hit the land people of God

August 25, 2010 11:28 AM

As I sat up this morning I had the vision of a Dam bursting and the Living waters soaring forth into the destinies of the Lives of his chosen servants that have been in a desolate place in this past 3 years for the Lord would have you to know that you being a seed that had to be placed in the ground representing this grave we have been buried in, that this day Jesus him self calls you forth Lazarus although your life has been in place of death and decay we know that Jesus loved Lazarus it was for his Glory to be revealed in this season of your life. People of God we are risen in him so we must suffer in him. Today I encourage you to read and receive his Word for the day Isaiah Chapters 60, 61 & 62. May this penetrate your very core of your being.

Much Unconditional Agape Love

Apostle Monique

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