" For over 15 years, I've carried a burden over my life that has been a hinderance. At the age of  21 years of  age,  I made a decision that would alter it forever. I was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor 3rd Degree (statutory rape).  I served a year in the South Carolina Department of Corrections where I was introduced to many different religions. I studied Islam, five percent nation, etc. Yet nothing seemed to feel the empty void I still had in my heart and spirit. I was released on July 29, 1993, not knowing which direction to turn. I would apply for job after job with no success. To add to that dilema, in 1994, the sex offender act was passed which would add double sorrow to my life. Having to except hard labor jobs that were low paying making it impossible to maintain stability in my life. I began to abuse my body with acohol, drugs, and sex. I felt that the world was against me and entertained thoughts of sucide. Yet, it was something down on the inside that would not let me give up!  For the next few years, I would be laid-off  or fired from jobs, relationships after bad relationships. I began to sell drugs, commit home invasions on other drug dealers, trying my best to prove the world was right about me. Then, a voice spoke to me in my on voice saying, " If you don't stop what you are doing, and give your life to me, you are going to die! I've giving you many chances and you have escaped death on many occassions. It's time!"  God had spoken to me that day, and it would begin a journey to my destiny. I grew up in a baptist church that even as a child, I knew that God was more bigger and powerful than what I was seeing. In September of  2004, I gave my life totally to Jesus, and s0 begin my search for Him.  A few years later, I was introduced to the Apostolic where I finally found out that I have a purpose in life. In 2007, accepted the Apostolic calling on my life and began my trials and tests. Since that time, I've lost my first marriage, been incarcerated, lost my job, and my home. I was homeless for about a month where the Holy Ghost had brought to my spirit that I had a safe haven. I immediately contacted Apostle Cooper where God used her to restore me in all phases of  my life. Recently I've been blessed with a job opportunity, been blessed with a beautiful woman of God in my life, and on the verge of  having my criminal record cleared. Through all the storms that life has thrown my way, I thank God for Apostle Cooper and the Restoration for You Ministry staff for their love and patience. God bless Apostle Cooper! "    
  Apostle Bobby F. Coates
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